When drag queens create the show they've always dreamed of, what do you get? World peace?
Try aiming a little lower ... a lot lower.

RIOT! is a little bit filthy, quite a bit trashy, probably entertaining,
but definitely, this RIOT! is fueled as much by passions as alcohol.

A new drag revue, RIOT! is the show Singapore has never known it was waiting for.

Hosted by Becca D'Bus—She's big. She's colourful. She has a potty mouth.
Some have called her a "revolution", she thought she was doing pirouette.

RIOT! happens on the Second Saturday of every month.

RIOT! is the proud recipient of the No Star Arts Grant in April 2015

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Photos of RIOT! on June 20 2015

Images by kairosnapshots.com

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RIOT! is a production of Bus Depot, creators of content and delight.
Bus Depot also produces Dr Sketchy Cabaret Life Drawing in Singapore.

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